I saw this CL ad of this guy selling his Flextone for $125. I'm wondering what you guys think of it? Right now I've been using a Spider III (don't say nuthin' I know) and I've been wondering if the Flextone would be a good purchase for me. I currently play in a small church band and I really can't get enough money to buy a nice tube combo which is why I'm asking about the Flextone. I've read a couple reviews that say its good, but thats about it.
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Which model is it? II or III? Either way that's a pretty solid deal. I'm a tube purist but I actually kind of like the Flextone III. We have one in one of our music buildings which I use when I don't feel like dragging my deluxe out.
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They're not too bad for the money. Get the floorboard you can really take advantage of all the features.
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For $125, that's just a nice amp to have in general. Later on, you can use it for a backup or whatever you want.
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For that price, I would go for it, especially in a smaller band situation. There are some nice clean and crunch sounds to be had, considering it's modeling. Like someone else said, get the floorboard.
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I have a flextone II for practice, i actually kind of like it, since i have a wife and kid, loud tube amp, not gonna fly in the house any more, so those stay at the practice spot and i use that to write and practice, the only issue ive had on mine is when i first got it, it had SOOO MUCH REVERB on every channel, but line 6s website had FAQ that told me how to turn it off
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That's about what I paid for my Flextone II+. Great for the price. I prefer my Vypyr now, but when you look at what I paid, the Flextone is too good to pass up.

Go for it. I don't think you'll regret it.
I'm an old Dyed-in my-ways tube freak. But I have a III. If you get a pedal board for it and hook it up to your laptop, you can get some pretty descent tones out of it. I do put a blues driver in front of it sometimes.