Here's my setup...

Schecter Damien-7 Diamond Series + MXR fullbore metal + RP355 = into a Roland Cube 15

what's your gear/gig/setup?
My setup is as follows:

Epi Explorer or Epi LP (with JB/Jazz pups) ---> Slash Dunlop Wah Pedal ---> Digitech Chorus Pedal ---> Boss Flanger (Ff-3 I believe) ----> Fender Frontman 212R (pretty good for its price)
Skip the username, call me Billy
Gig setup? I'll post my band's shit we use live.

Me: Fender Strat > Boss OC-3 > Digitech RP300 > DOD FX-25 > Big Muff Pi > Ibanez DE-7 > Digitech Digidelay > ART DR2A > Some old Crate amp I picked up for cheap.

Other guitarist: Fender Tele > Big Muff Pi > DOD FX-22 > Boss RV-3 > Bugera V22

Drummer: A set comprised of various high end shells from different manufacturers, a custom snare he built himself, and many high end cymbals.
I play Lead, and My Rig is:
a GTX33 (Joe Satriani Mo Joe DP216)
OLP MM1FR (EVH Wolfgangs)
Fender Strat Mexican (Fender Vintage Noiseless')
Squier Fender Strat (only got it cause it was my first)

runnin through
Marshall MG100HDFX
w/ MG412A Cab

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Ibanez TS-7 Tube Screamer
Dunlop Crybaby Wah

My Rhythm Guitarist Is Runnin
an ESP/LTD EC-401

runnin through
Marshall MG100HFX
w/ MG412A Cab
a Boss ML-2 Metal Core
a Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion
a Boss GE-7 Equilizer
a Boss NS-2 Noise Gate
a Boss BF-3 Flanger
and finally, yes...another Boss, CH-1 Super Chorus

Our Drummers Rockin an 8 piece Sonor Drum Kit

and the Bassist is playin (I think) an Ibanez Jazz Bas GSR100EX through some kind of Line 6 amp....

We're runnin all our stuff through a one track Tascam US-122 interface from an MXL 990 Condenser Mic onto a computer running Kristal.

When All Said and Done, It sounds like this: Frostbite
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