which do you prefer? Melody or Brutality?
give examples too

I prefer Melody

Melody example: System of a Down
I don't know if I prefer one over the other, they're both pretty good.

An example of both: Arch Enemy
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Melody is one of the most basic musical concepts (as are rhythm harmony etc). All music has melody.

"Brutality" is an adjective to describe a perceived quality in the music.

I don't want to rain on your parade but the concepts aren't really on the same scale. You don't go from Melody on one end to Brutal on the other.

You can make a melodic piece brootal through changing tone orchestration and arrangement.

i guess though if it did somehow come down to a choice between "melody" and "brutality" I would choose melody.

e.g. Music.
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so basically you're asking me to choose between bach and atilla the hun.
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I think TS is wondering if people prefer a more melodic approach to metal (like Iron Maiden) or a more power chord chugging approach. But even the power chord chugging approach does have melody in it, it's just not as apparent.
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There should be (or might be already) a name for questions that offer a choice between two non-opposed entities. It's hard to give any kind of meaningful answer to them.

Melody has its place. 'Brutal' music also has its place. Sometimes it's the same place.
/implying you cannot have a brutal melody

Shostakovich's signature, D-Eb, C, B, is a very "Brutal" individual set of notes, but its also a great melody.

I prefer Cannibal Corpse. I absolutely love the melodic chromatic lines.
They're both great. I love Mahler's Br00talz in Eb major.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Have you heard the new track? Its sick.

Just listened to it now; I haven't been paying that much attention to the metal world these past 6 months. Nice stuff though. Also that is one of the baddest covers I've ever seen.
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