Definitely turn the bass drum volume up and make it a little more punchy, the same for the snare. You could even blend them with samples if possible. Otherwise i think its pretty good
I think the main problem is the drums really, they sound too virtual and robotic. I would try to get a better sound out of that, with definitely a tighter snare sound and a louder bass sound. The song overall is good, reminds of the slower NOFX songs. I'd love to hear it go a bit faster at points, but it works for what it is. The vocals are pretty good, they might be a bit too loud in the mix, I'm not sure. During the solo, I would turn up the backing guitar up just a little more, if there is was in there (Im assuming there's only one guitarist, so youd need to overdub). Overall, good job though, just a few ways to make it better.

Could you check my track out? Its pop-punk, emphasis on the pop, so I'm not sure if you'd enjoy or not haha