Evening all,

I've just sealed the deal to buy an Eastwood GP guitar:


Seems to be a well build guitar with a decent reputation. Not top of the line by any means, but enough for my level of haphazard playing. I'm keen to upgrade the pickups, as it seems that a lot of builders cut costs by putting in cheaper units, and this guitar seems of sufficient quality to spend a bit more on to improve the tone.

My amp is a home-made 1959 Plexi clone, modified with a master volume to keep the neighbours on side and played through a Vox 4x12 cab. I'm fairly heavily into Led Zep, and a bit of Tea Party, and though I'd love to play like Page, I tend to wind up playing rhythm when with other musos.

Am I likely to hear a noticeable improvement with upgraded pickups, and does anyone have a suggestion on what model/manufacturer would suit?

Stay froody,
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