So i'm very very average at barre chords. I'm Learning Modoc by Steve Morse and i just CAN'T do a straight 6 string barre chord on the 10th fret. Basically any 6 string barre chord past the 8th or 9th fret or so i can just not do. In particular the 2 strings that **** me up are the G and B string. I've tried pressing down as hard as i can. I've tried so many different angles of attack and i still can't get them to ring out.

I can play any 5 string barre chord fine, but not a 6 string barre chord.

Does anyone have any sort of advice on what i can do?

EDIT: Playing a Yamaha 6 string steel acoustic with Martin SP 12-54s.
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I've got similar problems with playing bar chords. I'm told that you just have to practice and eventually your finger will develop callouses that will help you complete the bar chord.
As far as Im aware there is no trick. Yes you could do 5 strings and have your thumb over the top for the 6th but this makes less use of free fingers. Practise and build strength in your hand. As for above fret 9 how often are you playing barrs there? Maybe just do the 5 strings if you can't manage it. As for the g and b sounds like your arching your finger a little if this persists use a different barre shape which your free fingers cover those strings?
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relax your fingers a bit and try to play the notes dead first. u probably put in to much effort. just practice till you can play it with a relaxed hand...
Several things I'd look at...

String Action - has your guitar been set up so that it plays easily?
String Gauge - 11 or 10 gauge is much easier to play.
Technique - your index finger should be slightly rolled back on its side—check out this lesson at Free Guitar Videos
Don't squeeze the neck. Let the weight of your fingers come down on the strings. Try barring without your thumb just to get the feel of this.
There is NO, (let me repeat NO reason) why you should have to execute full 6 string barre chord voicings beyond the 10th fret...think about it...All these tertiary suckers are are a root, 3rd, and a 5th. And the 5th isn't really even necessary as it doesnt really contribute much at all to the chord.
jesh I never play barre voicings beyond 4 voices anyway b/c I know that doing so ****s with the autonomy btw/ Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass voicings anyway. As long as you know what member of the chord to stick in the bass, beyond making sure you are including the root, and the 3rd (in cases w/ no 7th) there is NO reason why you should feel it necessary to voice say...the Root of the chord 2 or 3 times (which is essentially what you are doing w/ full 6-string barres.) Dont risk tendonitis over stupid shit like redundant 6-string barres beyond the 10th fret. Thread/