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I want to get something special for one of my best friends for her 21st birthday.

We've know eachother nearly 3 years and we are most probably going to spend another year doing the same masters course at uni. Although we've never been romantically involved she's been wonderful to me during the last 3 years so we're very close and I want get her something special.

Shes studying geology at uni atm so shes fairly studious and she likes music (nothing too heavy, but I have managed to get her into some old Incubus :P), sailing, riding and formula 1.

Any tips guys? I'm no good at buying girls presents (just as well I'm single eh?).

Oh, and yeah, I can see 'Dick in a box jokes' coming a mile off so if you're gonna make a joke rather than give serious advice make it at least vaguely original eh? :P
Make a joke about a dick in a box.

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Box in your dick

Buy her a CD and a dildo

If she doesn't like the CD tell her she can go and fuck herself
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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You do realise you're asking a group of sexually deprived teens what to buy a 21 year old woman, and asking them not to say "dick in a box"?

Anyway, the best thing you can buy her isn't really something any of us can suggest. You need to get her something that she'll really appreciate/use often/has lots of meaning to her and you/she's really wanted.
Don't you hate it when you're reading a sentence and it doesn't end how you testicles.

Did you hear the one about the boy with the short atten
Get her 2 or 3 things that relate to in-jokes that you guys have/have had. That always goes down the best.
what she really wants(needs) is a new fog machine.

It's over simplified, So what!

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Get her a rock. A stick of rock. A CD of rock music.
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Get her 2 or 3 things that relate to in-jokes that you guys have/have had. That always goes down the best.


And chocolate. Bitches love chocolate.
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Truck nuts
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sexy undies, then post pics.
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Dick in a box.

This is exactly what I thought when I saw the thread title.
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Your dick in her box.

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Yes!, liking the rock idea :P I knew the dick in a box thing was gonna come either way but it helped get some replies anyway the in-jokes thing is also a good idea, keep em coming guys!
Bake her some cupcakes. Bitches love cupcakes.
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put your box in a dick

edit: well ****...
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A grinderman T shirt.

I guess "she's been wonderful to me" is just one of those phrases that means something different in British English than it does in American English.
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Bottle of Champagne and a couple of glasses
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A kitchen.
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What do you want to say with the gift? Do you want to show her that she's your best friend? Or do you want to tell her that you would like to be more than friends.
I'd like to help, but not as much as I'd like not to.

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Forget the box, just give her your dick.
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Think outside the box
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Such is posting in Soviet Russia
Box in a dick...

Didn't see that coming did you?

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Box her in the face!!!

With your dick.
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Do you like being sigged or, like me do you feel strangely violated?
Like perfume and shit. It's pretty obvious what bitches like. A one direction CD,chocolate etc
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