I guess this question have been asked before but I couldn't seem to find a similar thread.

So, what do you UGs think? I have no chance of having real drums (don't ask why), so it is possible for me to be "good" with guitar hero drums? I don't mean that Guitar Hero drums are exactly like real drums, but hopefully you understand what I mean.

if you can't have an acoustic drum in your house for noise reasons... think about an electric drum kit! it's somewhat closer to reality than a GH drum... and it's just plugging headphone in and drum away
Drum drum drum away!
Can u play different accents on it (if you hit harder is the sound is also louder?)

If not, don't bother..without dynamic control you don't learn the real meaning of groove.

If you learn to play different rudiments with drumsticks on a surface properly, then you're really already halfway there. Off course you need to train your feet as well for kickdrums, but you can just buy a pedal and place it locked against a "fake drum".

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I have an Alesis DM6 electric drum kit. Get it.
Don't learn with GH, it's not real drums. The developers who made it, werent drummers.

On a DM6, the harder you hit the change in volume and sound.
Learned everything I know from Rock Band. Although, invest in the cymbal attachments and a hi-hat pedal, or else it's not worth it.

Also, dynamics and such are possible to an extent, in that you can get only so quiet and only so loud, although very easy to grasp (for me).

I don't own a set, but when I play one, I bash out Rush and Tenacious D like I've been taking lessons.

Also, use Rock Band 3. It's the up-to-date version. There's a "Freestyle Mode" so you can play with no background music.

If you're serious, however, the Alesis electric kit will be a fabulous choice.
My grudge with it is that it won't teach you good technique. You see some of these Rock Band drummers and I wonder how they even play without getting tendonitis.

If you do have/learn proper technique it is better than nothing, but if you want to get serious invest in a practice pad and learn some rudiments along with the GH/RB stuff.
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I learned drum on Rock Band.

Don't do it. My technique is more f**ked than a thai hooker on new year's eve.
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