I am in the beginning stages of getting a new guitar. I feel that the guitars that I have cover a pretty wide range, I love the Agile and the ESP is great in its own right )love the EMG's). That being said, I am looking for a guitar that covers a wide range of styles, which is hard to do. I am not looking for a guitar that does one thing really well, I feel that I have that covered. Looking in the 750-1250 USD range, open to a lot of suggestions (i.e. Floyd, 7 string). Like the double cut and les paul body styles. Thanks for the suggestions in advance. Not really interested in strats, I've owned one and got rid of it.
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You should definately try PRS guitars, they're double cut, got a trem and are known for versatility. Maybe look at their high end SE range, which is their budget stuff perhaps?
The LTD 1000 series makes some excellent guitars for the money. certainly, they tend to lean towards metal, but many of them are available with SD pickups (you mentioned you like EMG's, but they aren't the most versatile things in most peoples minds. if you know what you're doing though, they're quite good), which makes them hugely versatile. Check out an EC-1000 or a Phoenix 1000
Have you tried a Gibby Explorer? They aren't just for metal you know, those things have some blues in them.
Fender Jaguar or Mustang.

I think they're comfortable guitars with a lot of room for sound options. My Mustang is great for a lot of styles, from blues to classic rock to alternative. I don't know what the stock pickups are like since I got mine already modified.