Disclaimer; I made this thread once before, a couple years ago and it got closed. Carmel's reason for closing it was "all Slash discussion can be posted in here; *link to GNR thread*.
I'd like to point out that just because he was in GN'R many moons ago does not mean all Slash discussion are related to GN'R. He is about to release his second solo album and his work since GNR and VR are definately worthy of their own thread.

^ That's the new album artwork and title, not so keen on the name. Sounds like a local band's name to me, the artwork looks pretty cool though!
I'm really excited for this, Guns N' Roses and Alter Bridge are my two favourite bands so a whole album written by Slash & Myles is going to be exceptional, only two months to go.

He's headlining the 2nd stage at Download this year, but he's clashing with The Prodigy which is GUTTING.
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I don't really like the idea of Myle's Kennedy singing on every track. I liked all the guest appearances from the last one. Even if they weren't all great songs, they were at least interesting.
I'm really looking forward to this. Slash's last album was excellent but i agree that the guest performances made it slightly better, I didn't personally the song that Myles Kennedy sang on.
but i have high hopes for this album.
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What does every one think of the Slash and Black Eyed Peas collaboration of Paradise City?

I think its interesting, and I actually love Fergies voice on the chorus.

It's not the BEP, it's Cypress Hill and Fergie. But yes I think it's a great song, and the video is hot.
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SLASH YESSS! He's the reason I bought an electric guitar. I sold it again because I focus on acoustic mostly. But Slash is the man. I hope the music on this album is heavier. We know he can do hard rock, but I want Myles to bring out the metal in his. Do something LOUD
All tracking is complete on the new album, only the mixing to go!
Slash has just added Frank Sidoris into the touring line up for this next world tour, who's going to see him?
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I saw a Slash sig in the entrance of the great british music experience.

Really nice looking guitar!!

At the O2? I've played that very guitar

Preview from Slash's new album, sounds ace; watch?v=6NJ_ymd2_Js
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Of all the tracks on Slash's solo Cd, I liked the songs with Fergie on it (can't remember the name right at this moment), the one with Ozzy singing, and the one with Lemmie singing. The rest were okay but not memorable to stand on their own.

Has anyone ever heard of Slash actually singing or does he only do guitarwork?

The 90-sec previews of each song sound incredible.
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massive slash fanboy here, have every single one of his records and lookin forward to this one, especially anastasia!
Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to share with you guys a series of videos that I put up on youtube. The entire series (so far) focuses on a bunch of repeating licks and phrases Slash has used throughout his career. Even if you’re not a Slash fan, they are for the most part tried and true rock licks used and abused by rock guitarists throughout history. I will be updating the channel with new videos throughout May.


Thought I'd jump in here as Slash has started posting a new song on Facebook everyday. I'll be uploading them to YouTube to make it easier for everyone to access. The first four (Apocalyptic Love, One Last Thrill and Standing In The Sun) are already uploaded and will be uploading the rest as soon as I can after they are released.

My channel's here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Zozodian

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I loved Slash until I saw him playing with Black Eyed Peas. I still think he is a great guitarist, but I don't like when a RNR musician isn't loyal to RNR.
Liked his 2008 album better than Apocalyptic Love. The first one had so much more variety. Didn't like the entire album, but there were some songs that I really liked. Apocalyptic Love songs were less varied and I didn't especially like any of them. I did like Myles Kennedy though, but they should throw some more Kid Rock in with him. They sound good together (I Hold On).
I loved Apocalyptic Love because it was just simple unapologetic rock n' roll. Myles's voice works with him and there were no weak songs on it at all, barely even filler. Probably one of my albums of 2012.

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Sorry to Necro Bump but this thread is appropriate and is the only one that mentions Frank Sidoris... What i want to know is what model les Paul is he playing on stage with Slash on the Australia 2012 concert. Its the red one with triple buckers. Cheers.