Currently I've been trying my hand at some electronic songwriting and I've been starting to question whether or not I should keep making music in that direction. So I'd really like to get some honest eared opinions from you guys.

You can listen to my stuff here:

Let me know what you really think.
Alright, I'll give you my honest opinion - as far as composition is concerned, it's all good. What you should invest some time into is sound synthesis/sampling. Some parts of your songs give me the impression that they could be so much more if only a more carefully crafted sound was used.

Basically, try experimenting with different settings and effects. I hope this helps, cheers, mate!
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I like your stuff, its pretty creative. Looking for tomorrow is prob my favorite. Sounds like you got your own lil vibe goin on hear, its catchy. Although I can relate to what dhankus is talking about crafting your sound more. So isn't that what would happen if you continue is this direction? I say yes continue on this path and watch it grow Wanna crit mine? http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Dhclark92/
Thanks man. I put up a new piece if you wouldn't mind giving it a listen over there. Digging your sound. I feel like if you cleaned up the recording on the tracks it would all be really really good. My favorite is Lust for Lust. The start just has a strong emotional tug to it. So yeah, clean up that recording and it'd be dope.