I know that my last topic was a tad expansive and I was unfocused, I just need a little more help. After looking at a lot of stuff, and doing some more stuff like research and play testing (and investigating used options as well, that did not go well).

I have narrowed it down to an entry level Jackson or LTD. For the LTD's I'm looking at a 50-100 level instruiment and for Jackson we are looking at the JS series I believe 320 series, they all run about 250ish. I'm still working with the same budget of 250-300ish that I was at before. Body shape isn't a huge deal, but for Jackson I'm looking at a RR or Kelly, and LTD pretty much anything, but I'd prefer a non super strat (Viper or EC) if not an explorer or V.

Any further narrowing down suggestions, I don't have an amp (or a guitar at the moment for the matter) and don't care about pups right now, I want to be able to play. I will be picking up an amp later. Which of these will have the better playability or use for me (or is overall just better for the price)?


Used Market by me bites, going new
$200-300ish (US)
Prefer an Explorer/V, but will take just about any shape (No Dinky though and prefer no super strat)
Jackson JS Series: RR or Kelly
LTD: 50 or 100 model (body depending in budget)
No amp right now (will be getting later)
Hard Tail
Looking to play metal, mainly along the lines of Satyricon, Darkthrone, others in Black and Death.

Thanks in advance
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If you have no amp and dont care about pickups, then its a matter of how it feels to you. Pick them up and see what your most comfortable with
I am looking more at asking about quality issues, or if one company makes a "better" lower end product. I won't go with a 10 series (except an M because its a string through) but am just looking at what will hold up for a while during saving up for something better.
Since you want to play black metal just find the guitar that is the blackest... a guitar that could be none more black. Pick ups dont matter a shit to you because you have no amp, but when you get an amp and you dial in the amp for loads of treble and horrible harsh brittle distortion it will sound like you are playing through a aluminium trashcan anyway.

Jackson and LTD are not Trv Kvlt and br00tal enough anyway.... they are made by Judeo-christian pigdogs.
...what david said. The quality difference between them is negligible. Either name will hold up for longer than you are going to want to keep playing your first guitar, just get the one that feels best to you.

Look for action, string tension (bends), and hardware placement. For example, I can't stand playing Stratocasters because the volume knob is in a place where i'm constantly hitting it and turning it down as I play. Another example is I once had an Ibanez that had a funny shaped bridge that was uncomfortable and I always had to hold my arm out to really dig in. I sold that one just like I sold my first guitar.
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I have a ltf F-100FM and it kills (after pickup replacement). I have not personally played a better "low end" guitar. I still use it a lot and it sits right next to my ESP.
What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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omfg i totally forgot about that, you sir are jesus christ.
Out of curiosity would I get the same playability out of a 10 level LTD as I would a 50 or a 100? The necks are all the same contour and bolt on so I was wondering.
Thanks for all the help. I ended up getting an EX50 at my local store. I will be posting ngd in a day or so due to my wife having my comp right now.