Hey, my UG friends! So, after selling an arm and a leg to get my Agile 9 string, I am currently without an amp. I put an ad on the local Craigslist stating that I was looking for a guitar amp and that I have my LTD Serpent-600 that I could trade for said guitar amp. So far, I've only gotten one reasonable quality offer which is a Peavey Artist VT 1x12 combo amp. Now, I'm a big Peavey fan, but I know next to nothing about this amp.

The gentleman who is contacting me about it is in his 60s and retired. However, he says he's used this amp extensively throughout the '70s for touring and gigging needs without a single issue. As of now, I'm going completely off of the information that he's given me and this is what I got:

  • 125 Watts (All-Tube)
  • Made in 1970s
  • One (1) 12" Black Widow Speaker
  • Four (4) Groove Tube 6L6 in Power Section
  • Can 'combine' the channels (???)

Now, it sounds pretty appealing just based on the knowledge that I have thus far, but I'm hoping that somebody here on UG could help me out just a bit more. I am kind of biased towards tube amps, so that is why I am really liking how this one is turning out. However, I am a rock/metal player mostly and I like to use as little outboard effects as possible; I like the tone to be as pure as possible. Now, before you go saying "Well, this ain't no metal amp!!!" I kind of assume this much. Although, I don't like super-ultra-high-gain tones and I'm just wondering if any of you know what the gain range is like on this amp.

I will probably go to try it out in a week or two as it is an hour's drive away and I have no money for gas, but I'd like to know if it's even worth the trip.

A good clean channel is very important to me as well, by the way, and if this amp can achieve a good clean with at least a so-so drive, then it will likely be good enough for me and I'll just save up for a POD to run through it.

Sorry for 1000 questions!! Thanks!
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If you plan to use a Pod then you can just run it into the power amp input and use it as a tube power amp/cab.
I know Lynyrd Skynyrd used those amps back in the day. From what I've heard and read, they have really good clean channels and a decent gain. Probably similar to a Peavey Classic 30.
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