Finally, I've been waiting forever! As a birthday present to myself, I got myself a new bass and a new case!

I've played one song on it, and it sounds good! Surprisingly it was in tune when I got it, never got a guitar from a place and have it be in tune before. Gonna go play with it some more and will have a full review later!

The pics suck, so if you can't read them it's a Schecter Riot 5 DLX. Got that and the case all for $300!

Washburn WI14 (Black)
Fender American Strat (Green)
Fender Precision Bass (Black)
Schecter Riot 5 DLX (Blue)
Nice! I've played a Riot and thought it was a fine bass. HNBD! Enjoy it!
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Gifting yourself a birthday present? You selfish bastard!
Send it to me.


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Pretty sweet looking bass. HNBD!
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Thanks guys. This thing plays so awesome! Great investment! I've never played a 5 string before, but it's a little different, gonna take some time to get used to. I keep playing the wrong string out of habit of 4 strings, but for now it's cool. I don't know any 5 string songs either, so I just tuned my B string to D and am playing my drop D and standard songs at the same time! Good way to utilize the string for now until I learn actual 5 string songs!

Anyone have any recommendations?
Washburn WI14 (Black)
Fender American Strat (Green)
Fender Precision Bass (Black)
Schecter Riot 5 DLX (Blue)
What a beauty... Enjoy!!! =)
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