I'm trying to record my guitar with the amp mic'd with a Shure SM57. When I listen to the tracks I record, there's a weird reverb present that isn't there while I record. I turned the reverb on my amp and in garageband off, as far as I know. I tried different distances and radiuses away from the speaker, it's still there. I'm running this through a FocusRite Scarlett 2i2 interface, if that helps. The reverb is short and sounds like the noise that the amp will sometimes make if it is set down too hard while the reverb is on.
Any tips?

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Hey man, i had this SAME exact issue and you'll never guess what it turned out to be. (The springs in my friggn guitar). I couldnt really hear it playing in my room. I could barely hear it with 1 guitar track layed down.

Solution for me:
Little peace of foam in the back cavity where the springs are
Heavey Blanket over the amp/mic to kill off unwanted room bounce

Room treatment comes to mind as well. Like Max pointed out above..
It's probably sound bouncing off of the walls. You need to find a spot in the room where there is the least amount of reverb by wandering around the room, finding a spot you like, doing a quick little recording session, and then repeat. That really is the only way to eliminate it, unless as the other said, you want to do a room treatment.
These guys are right. Im guessing no iso booth when you record?

Just get some ply wood, or better yet sound deadening wood. Make a little box around it, throw some pillows in there and you should notice a great improvement vs open room recording.
Thanks guys, I'll try those out, they seem like pretty valid suggestions. It's more than likely bounce-off cause I'm just in a dorm room, nothing real proper. I'll experiment with it and if I still have problems, they'll be posted here and if not, problem solved.
Throw a heavy blanket over it, kind of like a tent. Cheapest most effective thing for a dorm room ever.
I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.
I threw two blankets over it as suggested, and a foam pillow against the wall under the "tent" just for good measure. Still getting it. Is it something with my amp? Mic? Interface? Garageband? I'm kinda confused right now.
If your guitar has a trem system, then it could be the springs. I know Eric Clapton supposedly prefers Strats because he likes the little reverb from the springs when he plays.
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Solution for me:
Little peace of foam in the back cavity where the springs are

Could you post a pic or describe to me the placement for the foam? Like where in the cavity?
Problem solved. It was the amp model within Garageband with some reverb on it that was messing up. Turned that off and no further problems. Thanks for the tips!

-- God gave us the gift of musical talent. Use it to thank Him for it. --