I know you
I know you so well
I wish you had
That was fun
Chasing the sun
Down the Hills we run
Looking down the barrel of a gun - blow
Blow into the flow that’s the only show we know
Going on 1, 2, 3 nights in a row..
We don't beg for mercy, territory unknown,
Just slip into the corner, and put your head back,
Feel the warmth of the water n' try and find your way back

But where did it all start? me and you Rollin, Rollin into the night...
And i could really need a friend, as I penned down this what so ever,
It's feeling like forever
And all I can see, two headlights in the dark blinding me,
I tried to call, I tried to write, I cried out to the moon at night,
But no one heard my call, so I backed up to the corner once more,
Sedated I felt like I had a friend I had called
But we all know there is to room on the moon
The corners shine so bright, all covered in white
High as a kite, we are alright.. Right?

Well, Life's no bed of roses, in your search of beauty,
You will have to pass the thorns of life,
It comes down to blood, loss and sacrifice
My friend don't lose my hand tonight,
Sometimes freedom lies on the darker shade of light

Yeeah and light close slowly as the guy was walking in.
I was walking out, well faith is believing,
You can close your eyes and touch the sky,
Hands reach down tonight, all down the line...
Boy you saw the sign.

As you closed your eyes, time stopped for a while, if only for a little while,
hearts raced as she was graced, gracefully ,
I almost drowned when her hazel eyes looked left,
I could stare into that ocean till stars reflect through the tears of her emotion,
Don't end this..

And as my emotion start to heal, and drifting away, my tears all run dry
Starts to say this is the end, don't feel afraid
cause when time stops and your mind starts to drop.
Just free your mind for a while
and feel free to look out at the shining sea
the sun reflect the moon, then you know it's to soon
We’ve been here since noon