And I tried to hook it up to my Line 6 Spider IV 15watt Amp I hooked it up like this

Guitar-Input of Pedal-[_]-Output of Pedal-Input of Amp

but I just can't seem to get it to work, All I get is no sound what so ever. IDK what to do and I need this pedal for a gig on Friday, please if you can help me i'd really appreciate it

Level was at full so that's not the problem
What you need, is a new amp...
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Quote by DoubleS.0312
not the amp and im using a power chord

Whats the power chord rated at?
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The real thing wrong is that your using a line 6 spider 15 watt amp and a external cheapo delta labs distortion pedal with it and you say your gigging with this

That setup will equal bad results
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Volume on the pedal?
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