My main guitar's bridge has been torn out of the body. I want to repair rather than replace it since it worked fine, but I don't want to use a glue that will fix it in place so I can't use the whammy bar. Which way would be cheaper/easier replacing or repairing, and what would I use to replace/repair? My guitar is a Kona KEFD39PK. Here is the link if anyone needs to actually see the guitar.

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You can't glue a bridge back onto the body or repair it in any way. I would just get a new guitar cos a new bridge is worth more than that guitar on its own.
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Noob alert!!!

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Timothy: can you give us pics of the damage, the guitar, the bridge etc.
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I finally took the pictures. They are terrible quality so I don't know if they will help. One picture was too big to post directly so I had to put them all in a zip file. I hope they help.
Guitar Bridge Hole Damage.zip
how did you do do this? i have never seen anything like that before. i have been on varius forums for years and not seen that.

it sucks.

probably would just be easier to buy a new guitar.
I'm guessing the guitars body is constructed out of some really cheap plywood, and the usage of the tremolo loosened up the screws and due time the string tension just ripped the whole bridge of. I think your best choice, is to fill the current screw holes with dowels and than just do a re-drill for new screw holes. Maybe use a bit larger screws, but I'm still guessing that the body's plywood can't withstand the tremolo usage, and the tremolo will be torn out of the guitar again. :/