Sup UGrs

I noticed that I could get this really cheap guitar.

and I have this other cheap guitar but its broken and i dont use it anymore
(neck is severely warped beyond repair) <-- My idiot self tried to mess with the truss rod and broke it.

Would it be a cool idea if i bought guitar 1 and put in guitar 2's pickups?
I've played guitar 2 for a couple years and I like the overwound high output P90 sound.
It worked good for metal (which i dont really play much anymore) and they sound decent for everything else.

Thoughts suggestions? Anything else i could do to guitar 1 to make it a little better.

(Note i play guitars that are WAY better then guitar 1. So I'm not too much of a noob.)

I just wanted to know if i was the only one who thought it would be a cool idea.

PS. I'm also considering "relicing" guitar 1.
Any tips on that would be appreciated.

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I did something similar & bought that same guitar with an SD Invader, a TUSQ nut & Ernie Ball Not Even Slinkys.

I made mine a detuned metal guitar. It's a one trick pony with the way it's set up, but that's the way I meant for it to be. You have to keep in mind that this will not sound or play like a high quality instrument no matter what you do to it. The fretboard is a little grainy, making fretboard scratches very evident with vibrato on the thinner strings. The machine heads are not very precise. The sustain (or lack of it) is terrible. It's gets quite a bit of feedback, so you'll need a noise supressor (which you should have anyway). This could be a big problem with putting in those p 90's since single coil pups will typically get more feedback when using distortion.

Ultimately, if you're on a tight budget like me. I'd recommend it, but wait for guitar center to have a good coupon that you can use. I got mine for $100.

Another option would be to check craigslist for someone selling a Special II in your area. A lot of people sell them for around $100, but none were near me

If you go through with it, definitely get a new nut. Plastic nuts are a nightmare.
You want to buy a really crappy guitar and put the pickups from another really crappy guitar in it? But you have other guitars that are way better?

Save your money.
This is a great idea, if you like pissing away money.

There's no point getting a guitar that blows to begin with and changing anything. The guitar will still blow. Different pickups aren't going to fix a poor fret job, bad wood and sloppy construction.
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