I have an LTD EC-1000 and the neck pickup keeps going out (EMG 60). If I switch to the bridge, and switch back to the neck, the neck produces almost no output. Oddly enough, if I strum the strings hard, it kicks back to normal. While playing on the pickup after it kicks back on, it sometimes will drop out.

I've taken off all the panels, and I even pulled the pickup out slightly, but I can't see anything wrong, but I may just not know what to look for.
Sounds like a loose connection at the switch or the switch isnt making proper contact.
Also try changing the battery, they do weird things when dying.
I'd guess battery. My PRS has EMG's in it and when the battery is dying, it likes to screw with me. -_-
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I just took it to guitar center, and the tech took out the toggle switch and made sure everything was where it was supposed to be. It now works, and he didn't charge me for it, so for the moment, it seems to be fine. He couldn't determine the problem, but like Stoned said, it was probably a connection issue. I am also going to change the battery.
Dead Battery
Broken Battery connection (wire)
Output Jack
Burnt out preamp (replace the pickup or preamp)
I had the same problem. Some dust and such had gotten inside my toggle and was interfering with the connection
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Most likely a weak connection somewhere.

It's always good to solder all the connections for good measure on cheaper guitars.
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