Hey. I am a junior in high school right now. Anyways I have my mind set on studying music in college. I am just curious, what is a good school? I wan't to audition for Berklee and MI. Are there any other good schools? If all else fails I will study music here somewhere in colorado. Assuming I get in.

I am just curious how hard are the auditions for college?

I have been playing guitar my whole life pretty much, but only recently started "studying music"

I can sight read okay

So what do you usual auditions require?
I'm Bored.

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i got rejected from berklee. its rough man. i got into MI but am not going. went on a tour. that school is so contradicting its not even funny. trust me anyone gets into that thing man. just an example of how bad it is. the tour guide chick said a teacher stole her song. need i say more?