I am buying a used MIM strat from a friend and it's in really good condition but i am going to mod it over the next few months. all suggestions are welcome

I am sure there are hundreds of threads about this but you can spend hours sifting through them and not find anything relevant to yourself, so i thought i would just post my own.

here is the guitar i am buying

The parts i want to mod are:
  • Pick ups first & foremost
  • Tremolo
  • electronics (ie pots, wiring etc)
  • pickguard
  • maybe nut and machine heads. (i've read if you switch the tremolo this has to be done too)
  • bridge pick up on/off, series parallel on/off, out of phase switch

Feel free to make suggestions on what parts i should use to make these mods.

I play stoner/desert rock, classic rock, blues & grunge and i was considering Fender Hot noiseless pickups (the Jeff Beck pick ups they are called some times). Can somebody tell me if these would suit what i play? or feel free to make suggestions on other suitable pick ups.


Above is a link to the bridge pick up on/off, series parallel on/off & out of phase switch mods but this guy seems to have replaced the middle tone control with some sort of 3 position switch. Does anybody know if it's possible to leave the middle tone control and make it a push/pull for the series/parallel mod?

Also about the electronics. i want to put new pots in & i have read that a lot of people put something called an orange cap in, can some one explain what this mod does simply, i don't have a lot of electronics knowledge and will more than likely be having a friend do these mods for me. What are the best pots, wiring, electronics etc....?

Look forward to hearing from you guys.
like i said before All suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to share any possible mods or mods you may have made to your guitar.
I would totally put p90s in it, but that's just me.

looks like a really complicated mod, especially remembering what all the switches do. Maybe thing about having an on/off switch for each pickup, as well as a phase switch on the neck and bridge. could probably have switches for series as well, but im not 100% sure how that would work out on a 3 pickup guitar. I'd have to do some thinking which I am not in the mood for right now.

Orange drop caps are just a brand of capacitor (thing attached to tone pot to bleed treble frequencies to ground). They're ok, overrated IMO.
Best pots are CTS, but they don't make push-pulls, for those you have to go with alpha, which are still good pots. Pot values on strats are generally 250k, but if you want more output and brightness, you could go with 500k. The brightness can be compensated for by just rolling down the tone a little. Best plug is switchcraft, best wire is any braided copper 20-24 AWG, best solder is rosin core 60/40.

Don't think I missed anything...