I began teaching myself to play guitar during the summer as I had to sell my drums due to lack of space. I'm picking it up fine, it seems to come quite natural to me, but I've hit a brick wall in terms of how to progress. I've taught myself songs using Youtube and UG, and I have been through and learned the main major and minor chords. I have also learned finger speed/strength exercises, but at the minute I feel like I'm doing the same things over and over and not progressing. Should I keep learning more songs or should I learn more chords? All suggestions deeply appreciated, I just want to get better. Thanks
I would say learn a couple of scales Major/minor pentatonic are a great place to start as they're heavily used in most genres. The maybe the natural major/minor scales and the blues scale. You could also start to build up a couple of techniques like harmonics, muting and legato
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