I've been wondering about wireless systems, I've heard good from Shure and Samson, a once in a while from Line 6 with their relay system. I was just wondering what's a good brand? What should I stay away from? How much money does it cost for a decent one? Will it have a lot more feedback than a cable? And lastly, how will it hold up at live shows?

Also, I've seen a few Samsons for 150$ USD are they any good or are they trash?

What I'll be using...
Guitar - PRS SE Custom 24
AMP - VOX VT120+
Effects - Line 6 POD HD 300
Genre(s) - Alternative, Indie, Acoustic, Metalcore, Hard Rock, Blues
Funds - Looking to spend around 100$-350$ USD
Area - Pinellas Park, FL
I can vouch for the relay g50. Granted its fairly pricey, I only bought it because I got it for $250