Is there a way to record your playing and get it to come out from guitar pro? It would seem like much more efficient way to tab out drum tracks instead of sitting there doing it one by one. I know it's easy, but I'm just looking for an easier way. Thanks
Record your drums with MIDI software like Cakewalk and then import the .mid file into GP.

GP midi in only works with guitar.
What software would I need exactly? and how would I record it and get it to Guitar Pro?
You need a MIDI to USB cable (about $15 USD online) and a DAW that supports recording MIDI notes as MIDI notes, not as sounds from the drum module. Cakewalk, FL Studio, Cubase, I think even Reaper can do it. Use the help file in your software to figure out exactly how to do it, then save the MIDI file and import it into GP.