Okay, I have 2 pairs of humbuckers that I want to see in my guitars, but due to lack of funds I can only install one right now. I have:

- a late 70's Dimarzio paf neck with a late 70's Seymour Duncan '59 Bridge
- Gibson 57 classic and a Dimarzio 36th anniversary paf bridge

I just can't decide which pair to use first. Any suggestions?
why due to a lack of funds?

if you have both pairs lying around, go out and buy a cheap-ish soldering iron, and I'd be glad to help you out installing them yourself

also, if you don't end up liking the 70's '59, I'd definitely buy it off you
Man that would be sweet, I've definitely thought about doing it myself, I've got all brand new parts to switch everything out (I have an Epi SG that needs to be completely rewired, which explains the new pups) I just don't REALLY trust my soldering skills that much. But if you're willing to lay down the knowledge I'd totally give it a shot. The reason I said lack of funds is because the tech that my local Long & McQuade goes to lives about 2 minutes from me, and his quote was $80, I thought that would be easier.

And I'll keep that offer in mind, no doubt
Installing pickups is seriously very easy. It's VERY tricky to damage anything of great cost doing it so I would recommend doing it yourself, also $80 to swap a set of pups is crazy talk! it takes less than an hour.
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