Hi all, I am recording my band's EP tomorrow and me and the other guitarist had a play around using DI and various cab/amp simulators and got a tone that sounds ok.

However I am thinking an SM57 in front of the speaker of my amp could sound a lot better. Problem is I have yet to get what I would consider a great tone from doing this.

The amp is a 6505+ combo, speaker is an Eminence Governor, pedals are a TS9DX, Boss GE7 and Boss NS2. The amp sounds great normally but I can't seem to capture that tone with a microphone.

I have tried a bunch of placements because I don't really know where I should be placing it but I mostly seem to go just outside the rim of the inner cone with the mic about an inch from the grill, pointing straight on. Is this optimal?


This is pretty much the best tone I have achieved. I used quad tracking, a bit of EQ to tighten things up and I panned the tracks 100% and 75% if my memory is correct.

I have experimented with a few cab/amp sims but I can't get anything close to this:


Instead I end up with this:


Ideally if I could get a tone like the one in the second link that would be perfect, as I wouldn't have to mic up my amp and we could record the whole thing using DI.

Anything I can do to get a better sound?
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You can track a second mic like a Large Diaphram Condenser a few feet away and put it in the mix.

Some people like their SM57s right up against the grill, but perhaps you've already tried that.

You might also try mixing the direct sound with the mic'ed sound.

The room you're in can have an effect too. You might want to put a piece of plywood under your cab. Brian Setzer does that, even for live shows, (and also uses ribbon mics live) but that is a different tone he's going for.
One option is to run from your last pedal in your effects loop into your audio interface, then use an impulse loader for a cab sim such as the kefir and a mesa 412 impulse. That sounds pretty good to me.

Ive also had pretty good luck with the X50 amp sim and the kefir loader.

I have that same combo and it took me a LONG time to get a good mic placement. I ended up right against the grill with the mic at a 45 degree angle in between the cone and the paper.

Ohh, and i seam to have to get the amp up to about 3 on the post gain to capture what i like.