Hey, this is my first post, my apologies if I do something out of order or unconventional or anything like that.

I have been playing for roughly six months and I know a bunch of guitar riffs and bits of songs here and there (parts of nirvana songs, some parts of arctic monkeys songs, some stuff from Marty Schwartz videos from youtube and stuff like that, real simple) but I have yet to learn any song all the way through other than Wonderwall by Oasis and Give it All by Rise Against. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a relatively easy song to learn all the way through, not just a song with a few easy main parts. The genre isn't super important to me, I'll listen to or play pretty much whatever. Just a song that's easy all the way through, but not a song that's just like three chords.

I do hope that's not too specific or picky. Please just toss out some songs you think would be good to learn all the way through for a beginner. Thanks!