Yeah I had a rap battle with one of my friends once.
But it was over the internet because neither of us can rap lol

But I only make Metal/Hard Rock as serious music
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Some of my friends are terrible at improvising things, and one of them is good at it. Most of our improvised things are terrible because we include our other friends.
A couple friends and I are in a rap collective called Swag Attack (the name is in reference to a local punk band). We have themed raps for each of the Republican candidates; we were gonna drop a mixtape but never got around to it really.
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nah, we make real music.

This. I do like rap parodies and such, though.
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If there's anything to take away from this thread, anything at all, it's to always cup the balls.

Top trolling abilities.

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God dammit you had me 10/10
Inb4 Vanilla Ice

You, good sir, have not gone over to your friends house after a hard night of drinking to find 2 dudes passed out in the same room both holding their own flaccid cocks in hand, passed out, with porn on the tv.
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I have used to have rap battles sometimes. They got pretty epic. Then I graduated high school. And as a musician, I can safely say that rap is real music. Pretty interesting music when done well, at that.
My friends and I like getting drunk as **** then shittely freestyling about people we hate. Once we recorded it and it was ****ing awful
I smoke like Rasta, got hair like pasta
I be sippin' on them shots then bustin' rhymes like Busta

Load up the bong, crank up the song, let the informa call 911
i used to write my own rap parodies kind of like weird al. never recording them though, and i haven't done that in quite a while. i might actually get back into doing that again.

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