line 6 appear to have released a tube amp series that isnt focused on modelling. has anyone has any experience, good or bad, with these amps?

linky: http://line6.com/dt25/
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i've seen some demos on youtube and it sounds pretty good. and i usually hate line 6.
this is a good one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP6DnFPsWyE&feature=g-vrec&context=G2e40174RVAAAAAAAAAA
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# HD amp modeling technology fuels each Voicing’s preamp and tone stack, and automatically pairs them with corresponding Bogner-designed dynamic analog circuitry

# Modeled spring reverb with individual level control per channel

L6 LINK connects DT25 to POD HD for additional effects, amp voicings and instant scalability (including stereo operation with multiple DT25 amplifiers) – all controlled by any L6 LINK™ equipped POD® HD

Still modeling buddy.
This was in the FAQ:
Why is DT25 a hybrid amp? For a good reason: because low-wattage amps, when compared with 50- or 100-watt amps, have limited headroom and always “feel” small. DT25 solves that problem that with its powerful HD modeling providing the preamp. You get the headroom and reaction of a high-wattage amp because the preamp’s power supply is not limited by what the power tubes need to use, and in return you get a much bigger sound in a small package. This versatility means you can get the tone and feel of a 100W amp, without lugging 100W transformers around.

Looks like a vox valvetronix almost.
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i played the dt50 in guitar center for about 30 min and i can honestly say id consider buying one if i had the cash. u can get some pretty nice tones out of them for just about any kind of music. and the fact that they directly integrate with the pod hd or whatnot is pretty sweet.
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There will be plenty of L6 haters (especially here). For the most part I understand where they are coming from, but there are a few really outstanding pieces in their lineup. The DT25 is one of them. Ironically, I just sold one and am getting a Marshall JVM, but that little DT is great. I had the HD500 also and that thing, while another really good piece of equipment, was more than I wanted to deal with (complexity-wise) at my level. But even on its own the DT is sweet.
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I feel like with the DT, Line 6 is *almost* to the point of making a really good hybrid amp. The DT sounds good for a lot of things, but it falls really short for modern high gain tones. Also, it's really too expensive.
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