Hey everyone..


What kind of chord do I need for the in and out plug in with the Estaban G-10 Amplifier while using an ecoustic yamaha guitar with a equalizer on the side of the guitar and a plug in for a amplifier, my guitar uses a small battery as well. I completed a tune I wrote backn in 95 in Mixcraft and posted it on my site,


I only have like 16 more to go, AAAAHHHH!!!

However, that was totally created in Mixcraft 5. The problem is, my bumb hands, between neuropathyy and tendonitis, well, I seldom get around to using my guitar anymore on account if physical issues. Here is my quest, I want to in at least play my guitar for my next tune and use the Estaban to amplify the sound. Then I will add the guitar playing to Mixcraft 5 and jiggle it around in there for a time. I am not sure what kind of plug in I need, I have a Shure SM58 mic that works great, but I so the mic isnt an issue. I need to add my guitar and it needs to be amplified. I'm new to the game when it comes to all of this. I have two entries in my amplifier and one in my guitar so I am clueless. Guitar Center is close to me and I thought maybe to get a heads up in here before the sharks bite, I am limited in my spending.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it.