I got Presonus Studio kit for Christmas. I took a shot at it the next day. I configured the audiobox USB thingy, plugged in everything, installed this and that, blah blah... Not knowing what any of it was... All I knew was that I was getting software to my computer, and licensing it to myself. This is Studio one, and it gives you this front page, for your artist profile, or whatever... I click "Create a new song" and use the Audiobox USB template... once it engages that action.................................. I'M ABSOLUTELY BEYOND LOST.
I don't even know what a DAW is, I'm guessing it's some type of a particular studio recording generic term...
Seriously, I think the library type thing to the right is for all fake instruments, if I wanted to create some Hip hop sh*t, or whatever. I want to create original music, I have my acoustic electric plugged in, and my M7 condenser mic plugged into the audiobox, I followed all the instructions... To that point... And whenever I press record or whatever, nothing happens. All I want to do is sing and play my guitar, and essentially create an album, so I can release it.
That being said, I have no idea whatsoever what any other control is on the program.
Your user name is fitting. Ask a coherent question and lrn2paragraph and maybe we can help you out.

To record in most DAWs, you must arm the track by clicking the small recording button by it, click record on the main play bar, and then hit play. You must also make sure the track is set to record from the correct input.

Telling us what DAW you're using is also helpful. Googling this stuff is a good idea most times.
I would try dude, but I don't know what any switches or anything is in the software.
And when I create there are two track type things. When I first come to the screen the second track is highlighted.
I think I found how to do it. You have to click on the template "Vocals and Guitar", the manual said to click on the audiobox.. And that is on the bottom of the list, so.. Yeah.
Read more - study - then Read... it will start to make sense.
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