So i bought a Martin the other day with a Solid top, and i got an Oasis Soundhole humidifier sense the indoor humidity is at 33% according to my Oregon Scientific Humidity thing the wireless meter is velcro'd inside the case...

So question is...How long do those things usually take to start raising the levels? Its a brand new out of the box acoustic so im sure it wont be killed in a day, but...still that 33% is making me worried.
In case humidfiers can take up to a week before you start to see a noticeable change, don't forget, you are hydrating the inside of the case too.

Be sure to close up the case again when you take the guitar out of it.
Keep the guitar and case away from heat sources and vents.

You can also speed up the process by adding a couple of home made humidfiers - take plastic toothbrush holders (the kind sold in Walgreens or CVS for traveling) and drill some evenly spaced holes in them. Cut strips of sponges to fit inside them and add just enough water so they don't drip, close up and put into you guitar case.
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I would recommend an actual room humidifier as well. They're not expensive and if you're anything like me you aren't going to want to put your guitar back in its case every single time you put it down.
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