Sometime while I was sleeping
the world got flipped, turned on it's head
now I feel I'm slipping
holding on by a thread
Below an abyss

But my eyes aren't red
my heart's not dead
and I climb toward
the cliches that's been said

I slip and I fall
into blue is all
and I find this is where I belong

I fade with a wink and a smile
I feel like your first stanza is the strongest and the third one is the weakest,
But its not what you said, it was the diction used,
I actually like the song and the title draws you in because it misleading and ironic

Just a bit of constructive criticism....
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I enjoyed it. For some reason it made a Sinatra-esque tune pop in my head. I have a strange perspective on things haha. Good stuff though. Definitely not garbage, for sure.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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