i'm playing a song which is in E key.

i always tune my guitar 3 steps down (C#).

when i use the Boss Ps-6 Harmonist, in which key should i set it? E or C# ??

thank u.
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Seriously, I'm guessing that's a pedal that harmonises for you? So if you're in C# you wouldn't set it to C# because it'd just be playing back what you're playing? Setting it to E would make more sense.
even though i don't own a Ps-6 i think the most logical thing would be to set it for the key of the song,
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Set it to the key of the song otherwise it won't harmonise in the correct key.
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If you're playing in the key of E you're playing in the key of E. Changing your tuning does not change the key you're playing in.

Unless you're playing on the same frets regardless of the tuning you're in. Like if you'd play --0---5----7-- on one string in E tuning, and playing the same -0---5----7-- on the same string in C# tuning. If you get what I mean. Then the key changes.