I am a beginner and I use Yamaha Pacifica 112 with fender Mustang amp.
I need some effects as the amp itself doesnt give me much variety.

I was looking for Line6 Pod XT live but it is too costly so I started looking at Pod XT instead. Can someone tell me negatives of Pod XT compared to XT live?
Basically, XT has the same sounds, but no footswitches to change & control effects while playing. XT Live has those footswitches.

There may be some other minor differences.

EDIT: If you're only looking for effects, I don't recommend a Pod because then youre paying for amp modelling too.
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This really wouldn't be a good solution, I wouldn't buy either of them. What effects do you need that your mustang is missing?
XT has no provision for switching patches with your feet.

Doesn't the Mustang already have built in effects?
I think I am confused. Mustang has inbuilt effects but I am unable to get Satriani/Petrucci/etc kind of tone.
I think I need amp modeling and not effects (correct me if I am wrong). I need thick, smooth, blues tones and these are not obtained from Mustang. Only effects are obtained from mustang and the overall tone type remains same.

I need tones like :

while I get tones only like

What do I need?
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You won't be able to get a satriani/petrucci tone by running a POD into a mustang either. Save your money and keep experimenting with the mustang. Are you using the Fender Fuse software? I hear that it is much easier to dial in tones with that.