Alright, so I covered this song mainly because of it's difficulty (it's pretty easy technique-wise, so no trouble learning it; I was very, very lazy haha!); hope you don't mind!


Please give me feedback, and if you've enjoyed it; please share/subscribe/like/comment and whatever, I will upload some original stuff soon (I rather have comments on the video instead of this thread btw haha, but both are appreciated)! =D

- Maran Nebbeling
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Thanks you all, I didn't notice I had commenters haha!

@ Matt.Guitar; indeed, the hardest thing to learn is the unlearnable: feeling!
@ Matt.Guitar: What was wrong with the bends btw? Not hating, I just want to make myself a better guitarist! (=
Thanks! I wish I still had that tone, but I will try and get it back haha =D