So the toggle on my LP is starting to get screwy. This is my fault as I've been using it as a killswitch effect, which is wasn't designed for, so that's a lot of "abuse". I haven't opened it to look yet (it's my project for this weekend) but it's gotta be the switch. Sometimes (not often, but it DOES happen randomly here and there) ill flip the switch up with the neck PuP volume all the way off and I can still hear sound. Though not my tone sound, it's almost like a clean sound, and sounds "far away", like the sound is coming from off in the distance, it's not loud like a volume pot issue, and moving the volume pot does nothing to make that louder or quiter. Usually I just flip the switch position back and forth a couple times and it works itself out and is fine again for a couple weeks.

My question is, does anyone make "beefier" toggle switches that could withstand the abuse of using it as a killswitch? Ultimately my project strat is getting a killswitch and then I will use that on the songs where I use that effect/technique, but that project is kind of dead in the water right now as I've been too busy the past month or so to work on it. So the LP toggle has been abused during practice/demo recording of those songs lol. I'd like to put a heavier-duty switch in there (if they exist) so when I do need to killswitch the LP I don't come across this problem again. I don't want to add a killswitch to the LP because I'm trying to keep this one totally stock (sentimental value) and don't want to drill into it.
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