We released out new single and a Darkthrone cover the other week

listen to it here http://fifteendead.bandcamp.com/album/fvck-trve-cvlt-single

Cvlt Nation Review http://www.cvltnation.com/fvck-trve-cvlt-fifteen-dead-review/
Say it loud, because you are mother****ing proud: FVCK TRVE CVLT! Say it one more time: FVCK TRVE CVLT!! This is the title of the new FIFTEEN DEAD song, and it’s a ****ing throat ripper. I reviewed this band’s first EP, Necrocrust, now they are back with this single and a ballistic Darkthrone cover. The concept for this song is to put a rusty blade to the necks of the elitist bastards who pass judgement about what is “true black metal,” or any other sort of music for that matter. FIFTEEN DEAD have my vote on this one – I’m down for the slaying of feeble-minded trolls who sponge off their parents and live in the basement with their dad’s tools. If they spent less time whining about what others are creating, maybe they could contribute something killer to the art form that they regard so highly. Anyway, what really makes FVCK TRVE CVLT a stand up single is that this song is a ****ing weapon of gnarly destruction. From the moment you press play, your tongue will be hooked by their sharp riffs, and you will be hauled into their world. FIFTEEN DEAD is a band to watch out for – I respect their songwriting skills to the max. They have this way of combining genres with ease that will make you say, unholy hell, these humans are my kind of filth. I’m not even going to write about how they killed the Darkthrone cover, “The Winds They Call The Dungeon Shaker.” Piss on the graves of the haters – FIFTEEN DEAD have brought the ruckus with this tune! Stand up all Scottish Crusties, CVLT Nation salutes you! Listen to this blackened gem below, and tell me it’s not the shit!

The idea for Fifteen Dead came about around early 2010. Whenever founding members Ross and Jamie were a few drinks down they'd talk about the concept behind it. What they wanted was to slam Crust Punk and Black Metal together to create something new and unique. After about half a year of forgetting all about it come the hangover, they actually got together and came up with the first Fifteen Dead song entitled "This is Scotland" in December 2010.

A few weeks later and the lineup was completed by Chris Bowers (drums), Alby Brew (bass) and Ryan "Badger" Watson (vocals). This lineup went on to record the Fifteen Dead Demo in Feb 2011. The recording gathered the band a lot of interest at home and abroad and a Scottish tour being booked. Listen/Download for free here

The band then sadly lost both Alby and Chris due to family and work commitments around March time. Two brilliant musicians stepped in however, Jason Rees (drums) and Paul "Fatboy" Shand (bass). This lineup can be heard on the bands DiY Gig Live Recordings release here http://fifteendead.bandcamp.com/album/live-recordings

The next NecroCrust EP was released in August 2011. This was recorded in Jason's home studio with him behind the desk. This includes three new tracks that show how our sound has developed and the direction we're heading in.

Listen and download here:


Review of NECROCRUST from http://r-a-b-m.blogspot.com/?m=1:

Year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: UK (Scotland)

Track List:


I noticed this band after their first self-titled demo was posted on gnwp.ru (and it turned out to be very good). Then I received a letter from one of the band members, who asked me to post their 2nd demo, "NecroCrust". Well, here it is, and I have to admit it's one of the best blackened crust releases I've heard in the last few months.

The band is from Aberdeen, Scotland; however, the guy who wrote me is from Norway, and the other members are Scottish and Irish. They self-define their sound as "Tragedy meets Gorgoroth". As of today, they have played with very well-known bands like Oi Polloi, whose singer called them "the future of punk".

Review of NECROCRUST from http://www.cvltnation.com/
Necro Crust…
Sep 2011 12
Necro Crust…
Posted In Blackened Crust,Crust,Music

Unholy boom-bastic mother****ing 666 wow…Fifteen Dead from Aberdeen, Scotland, are all the way live in my book. Damn, their new 3-song EP, NecroCrust, bleeds awesome from start to finish. This band has combined raw black metal with rage crust to come with a sound that just charges out of the speakers. NecroCrust as a collection of songs has no weak links; everything about these tunes kicks the ass of the capitalistic blood suckers that run this shitty world! The production on this record is perfect, it has an epic feel to it, but at the same time it rips your guts out. As songwriters, Fifteen Dead are spot on – I really dig the way that they whip you into a frenzy, but then will throw you off a cliff, letting you dive into a pit of stench-covered emotion. With NecroCrust, you will not be able to avoid the sonic wall of audio torture that this band is able to unleash. On the tune “Sunset” they have this wicked sample that’s a part of the song, but it’s the blackened riffs from Hades that will leave you wanting to hear more from this band. Also, Fifteen Dead have an ultra gnarly vocal attack – on every song they will draw you into their world of despair. I can’t put my finger on it, but this is so special, for some reason at times I feel like I’m listening to Bach or Mozart on some charred crust shit. I could not comprehend someone putting on their song “Coalition/Demolition” and not having their head explode with with stench bliss. I will make you a promise: this band will be featured on CVLT Nation Blackened Everything Vol.5. Make sure to support this band any way you know how, Fifteen Dead is example of why we do what we do here at CVLT Nation.

Another three track EP is planned to be released by the end of the year after the October UK tour. Keep checking back for updates, we'll hopefully fire up some live recordings and re-recordings of a couple of demo songs soon!


We played some awesome gigs in Scotland and will be doing a tour of Ireland and England very soon.

Highlight was the Island of Punk 2011 on Crammond Isle near Edinburgh

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