I have a few pedals for sale that I don't really use. I'm trying to save for a new amp hence the sale.

I have:

Boss hf2- great sounding flanger, but used well so a bit beaten but works perfectly. £40 posted O.N.O

Vintage MXR 10 band EQ- bought this ages ago on a whim but I never use EQ pedals! Quite rare. £55 posted O.N.O

Fuzz Factory Clone- I got this today, again on a whim from this forum as a trade, but I'm not a fuzz factory kinda guy. Pretty fun and does replicate a 'real' fuzz factory well. It is in a plastic but durable enclosure. Could be fun for someone who may want to design their own enclosure- £40 posted O.N.O

£100+ postage for the lot

I MAY have a boss DD3 too if anyone is interested.

Any questions please ask. I'll try get some pics tonight.