First of i apologize if this has been asked before - i used the search function and didnt stumble across any answer to my likings so I hope you don't mind me posting the question here

I've recently picked up a guitar and Im throughoutly enjoying it - cant wait for my fingertips to stop being so damn sore all the time

Ive been watching some videos on youtube on how to play chords and I think I'm doing really well if i should say it myself But I'm having issues with "strumming upwards".

its like the pick flies out of my fingers ( shot myself in the eye once, was pretty cool! ), it sounds horrible and its starting to bug me! Any tips on this? Or is it just practice practice pratice??

Cheers, Kongstad
If you watch most rhythm players, their arm is like a pendulum, forever swinging back and forth even if they're not always strumming both ways. Get used to keeping your arm going back and forth and it will help with your timing and will make strumming seem more natural.

As for the flying out of your fingers thing....I can't say I haven't been there. I've actually dropped the pick in the sound hole, mid-strum. another problem i had was the pick would turn in my fingers while i was playing, until eventually i was playing with the flat end. there are picks that have little grip patches on them, i'd pick up a couple of those.
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Allright thanks for the advice - yeah i did drop the pick into the hole once aswell - took me 5 minutes to get the bastard out hehe.