I have a question and I don't want to complicate things.
Basically, if you want a "hotter" sound on passive guitars, you'd increase the pot values to say 500k or 1 meg, right?
But what about on active circuitry, say a preamp.
The pots are 50k, what would happen if i decreased the values to maybe 10k?
Or, what would happen if I increased them?
The desired effect I'm going for is an over all hotter output.
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The resistance on the pots has nothing to do with how "hot" your guitar is. To make things simple (and because that's just what I know about the mechanics of pickups), the Higher the resistance value is, the Less treble is going to get through and vice versa.

If you Do want a hotter guitar, maybe install an EMG PA-2? Im gonna do it with the new guitar Im getting, even though I'll already have a pair of Blackouts for pickups.
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Changing the pots on the passive changed how bright the pickups sounded.

Most active pick-ups have 25K volume pot if I remember.
In passives the pot controls the impedance load on the pups and a higher value brightens the pickup. With an active you have a preamp deciding the load on the pickups and messing the pot values just puts unnecessary load on the active circuitry with no effect on the pickups.

All the actives I've seen are designed to work with a specific pot type (don't know which ones are which) and 9 volts with the notable exception of EMGs which get some extra hot mojo or something at 18V. Don't mess with what they recommend it won't improve them any.
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