Hey everyone,
Idid see that there was already a thread looking for a left handed acoustic, but I went through it and we are looking for two totally different things.

Price Range: under $800 (going to put it on a payment plan if I can)
Style of music: Folk, folk rock (city and colour, Craig Cardiff, Dan Mangan, Doug Paisley, Neil Young, William Fitzsimmons, etc.)
Wants: A Pre-amp (perferably a fishman, a cutaway body (I just really enjoy that shape, already have a dreadnought)

Guitars looked at: I have looked a a Martin dcx1eq, really enjoyed that guitar and it was $720, so if there is anything that could compete with this under that price, I would love to hear about it.)

I will use this basically for my own music, which is folk. I hope I covered everything!
For whatever else they may be, the Martin "X" series are pretty much all synthetic materials with solid spruce tops. It's the particle board sides that really offend me.

He's a few lefty Crafters that might meet your expectations. http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/crafter/menu.htm They're made in Korea, not sold very widely in the US, and certainly not sold widely in left hand models any where. Translation, you have to take some of the hype on faith..(and do some research).

Adirondack has Crafter make some of thse LH models specifically for them.

They also have plenty of other brand LH models to choose from: http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/lh_acoustics.htm

I just bought one o' these suckers..http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/crafter/12_string_hybrid.htm Pretty cool, and at a very good price. (Taylor T-5 knock off, but in a 12 string).

They also have a slew of LH Taks as well: http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/takamine/menu.htm
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