A new electronic track; inspired mostly by Post-Rock, like the others on this Soundcloud account. I experimented with this one to the point that by the end, it only took two instrument tracks running at the same time to make my computer lag. Let me know what you think.

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oh thanks for the crit
still listening....
i hear the post rock influences, but it sounds more poppy, its really cool.
this is dope diggity dawg
im really diggin the groove around 3 and a half minutes

edit oops wasnt done yet...
this is really good. the drums towards the end could be too much, but imo i think it works.
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Nice dude, the bongos mixed with the electronic beat works surprisingly well! Nice melodies and song progression. I like the sounds you've created, they are really interesting. And nice build at the end, it's good to hear a song go somewhere!

i like it man, check out my stuff if you get a chance
Really interesting concept. I myself have been working a few post-rock/electronic type of tracks, so i found this really interesting. My favourite part was definitely 4:44 when the distorted guitar became really prominent, i thought that filled the space. However, I wasnt to big of a fan of the drums in this one, They just didn't hit hard enough for me personally, but looking at the other comments, they worked for others, so its all good.

Maybe you could take a peek at my stuff
Crits have been returned.

And to hagstrom_9, that isn't a guitar at the end; I just threw a grunge distortion-sim on the string section.