Okay, got a vox pathfinder 15R from Andertons a while back. It seems the input is faulty, so I am trying to decide on a replacement, as the 15R is out of stock.

I did ask about a possible VT20+, but these are out of stock until the end of the month. At the moment, this is the winning idea, as I am not a fan of the other amps I've tried in the pricerange.

Any suggestions for an amp roughly the same price as the pathfinder? A little more is fine, but an alternative to waiting until march would be cool.
The pathfinder input is probably a fairly easy fix. Take it to a electronics store or to a guitar shop that has an amp tech on staff and I'd bet they charge you very little to repair it.
Try simply cleaning it. Spray some contact cleaner liberally onto the plug on a guitar cable and then work it in and out of the socket a few times.
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