Not sure if this is right spot, so I apologize if not.

I am getting two books from Amazon very soon related to guitars. But before I dive into them, can I tell you where I am at know?

I have been playing since Christmas 2011 and have taken some online video instructions for beginners from Marty Schwartz. I know "by heart" C, D, A, Am, E, Em, G. I think F too (similar to A minor I believe - my noobness is exposed, I know the shape, not the name as of right now arg!!!). I practice these everyday. I can progress through most of these fine except the C chord which is slowly coming along.

I have learned the tab for Start Spangled Banner which is very fun and helps my fingers I believe move around the strings on the fretboard (is that the term?). I dink around here and there with tabs but nothing too serious as I want to learn MUSIC and improvisation (eventually) versus just playing tabbed music and can't do much else.

Here is what I am getting:

I'll be honest, these looked like decent books to learn from, but I kind of went on a whim and got them without asking anyone. I might get burned, but they could be great books too.


Does anyone recommend anything bookwise to learn theory or guitar?
I can't recommend any books, but I'll say you have access to some quite advanced theory knowledge simply by browsing this site/forums.

If you want to be pointed in a direction, I would suggest learning chord structure first (do you know what a triad is? How to construct them?) and figuring out how the formula works for all those major open chords everyone knows so you can make your own chords anywhere on the fretboard you like.

Also, you need to know that there are no sharps or flats between B & C and E & F; know this and you can find any individual note on your guitar (granted you have memorized the notes for your tuning)

You may already know a bit of this and I don't mean to seem condescending regardless, but if you want a bit of an explanation on any of the things I have mentioned feel free to ask and I'll be glad to try and assist you.
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They seem like good books to me, just go through them patiently and your music skills and improvisational skills will very soon start to develop.

One other kind of book you could need though is a technique based one, not one with just exercises, but one that tells you how to practice/improve technique and solve technique problems by yourself. I haven't run into many of these myself though so I have only one suggestion: "Principles of correct practice for guitar". If you buy this book and follow what it says your chances of running into big problems with technique later on will diminish greatly.

A good teacher would still work better with technique though, even if just for a few lessons.
@JimDawson - not taken as condescending. Thanks for the info and offered help. I have a long way to go. I am glad you told me the little bit you did. There's so much to learn, I am kind of lost on the next step.
@unrelaxed - I might have to check out a technique one as well. I might have to check out "Principles of Correct Practive for Guitar". Thanks!
Chapter 1 of Music Theory for Guitars book is learning the fretboard. Holy crap that's a big chunk to learn, every note for every fret and string. It even as a practice thing to learn them easier. It's still a lot.
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Does anyone recommend anything bookwise to learn theory or guitar?

If you want a book, I'd point you towards a song book full of songs and chords to play along. It's great that you have these chords, now learn to use them in songs.

It may be the traditionalist in me, but if you're still getting a handle on a C chord, I don't see the point in getting into music theory just yet (or soloing/improvising). Chords (both open and barred) are far more important to get down than the fiddly stuff. Through learning chords you can not only play other people's songs, but also write your own.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.