Ok, so I just bought an ESP LTD MH-300, and spent the last 2 hours setting up the trem. It came (modified by former owner) with 2 switches not connected to anything, one of which is a 3-way switch and one is a DPDT type switch.

Is it possible to use these to have, for example, coil splitting (pickups are EMG HZ), a series/parallel mod, or phase inverting? And how would I go about doing that?

I can solder, and I have lots of wire.

Also, is there anything else I can do with these switches?

Quick update: I put active EMGs (60N/81B) in place of the H4s that were in there. I assume I can't do the same stuff (I know I can't coil split or do a series/parallel mod) so what can I do with these switches now?
I used the 3PDT for an active/passive switch. It works quite well with an overdrive.