Hi guys,

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section. Haven't posted here in a WHILE, before I got really into Metal, and lately I've been playing guitar a lot more. My favorite thing to play on the guitar is old school thrash/speed metal stuff - Anthrax, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer. I also love playing me some Death as well, but can't stand staying in D standard for too long unfortunately. (I like the "high"/"bright" sound standard brings.)

I'm looking for some more "modern" stuff to play, or maybe stuff I haven't really heard of that is all around fun on guitar. I'm not that good, but I'd say I'm decent - the hardest song I can play is probably something by Death - Zombie Ritual and Crystal Mountain are always fun.

I've been looking at newer metal lately, mostly because its a refreshing change from listening to old school thrash and death metal all day. To clarify - I'd rather something NOT Death Metal or Black Metal, I'm getting tired of that stuff. (There's just sooo much Death Metal out nowadays, and I'd rather just play regular heavy metal/groove metal/thrash maybe even power metal...) Heck, I'll even try some metalcore stuff, as long as it poses enough of a challenge and doesn't sound .... gay.

Mostly stuff in Standard tuning. I just don't really like alternate tunings, I've tried them time and time again. The lowest I usually go is D standard to play death, and I often go down to Drop D to play a few lamb of god riffs, but those get boring after a while...

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Id say if you're looking for songs or artists, try the recommendation thread, at the top of the front page. Any crazy tunings will be covered in the tuning thread, also stickied.
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