Got my Super Soaker,
Lock and loaded,
Laughing mouths would
close and open.
Back in summers,
90 something,
always giggling,
always singing,
childish innocence,
left haunting,

Every time that blank sun rises,
I stop to think of times spent,
riding, running, laughing, joking,
pulling sickies, pleading, hoping.
well what changed,
It's still the same.
Just I'm living like a locum.
Working hard for six more months,
then it's time to party.

Sit in darkness,
reading, listening,
thought I heard
my past was singing.
And it keeps bringing,
maudlin feelings,
of playful children,
shouting, screaming.
I look outside, as far
as I can still see.
My mind feels awkward,
I drop my whisky, neat,
bend down to check the carpet,
but I can still hear
that manic laughing.

When your young you never notice,
just exactly how hard life is.
No expectations and no worries,
No thoughts of future bussiness,
No, childhoods for excitement,
living life just like today was,
the last day that's left for living,
left for riding, running,
for laughing, joking.
good base, could use some attention to spacing. You add breaks before some end rhymes and it ends up sounding cheesily overemphasized - a few changes could give a more composed voice
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