You've got the skills to pull this off well, just work on your timing. As for the solos and leads, really work on putting some feel into each note that you play. Keep a finger anchored if you're playing sections with hammer ons and pull offs, I find that helps keep everything sounding a bit more fluid and helps with Vibrato ALOT.

Keep it up man, give this another shot after you've tackled a few tougher songs, and you'll find that it will only get easier.

C4C on my acoustic cover of Ocean Avenue?
First thing I noticed was timing. You really need to fix that. First thing would be to listen to song many more times, to know the song better. Then your timing should come to place by itself. Next thing I would improve would be the solo. You need to practice the solo much more. You also need to improve your bending technique. I suggest bending slowly before proceeding to faster bending. Otherwise, you are getting there. Just practice